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"Finding out that I had a twin and that he didn't survive the abortion (that I somehow did survive) helped me realize why I

always felt like a part of me was missing.

It's because something was missing.

He was missing." 


"Finding out about my aborted sibling made sense of the hole I always felt in my family growing up.

As a kid, I would do a headcount to see who was missing when my family was all together.

Now I know who was missing."

"Finding out about my aborted sibling

filled me with grief and joy.

Grief because they died. Joy because they lived."


"When the pain I have from losing my sister in abortion was acknowledged

by another sibling survivor,

it was only then that I felt I could

properly start to grieve.

To pass through the tumults of grief,

the loss must not only be recognized but also understood by another person." 


"I believe that babies

who died from abortion are in heaven

and praying for us on earth.

When I encounter another sibling survivor,

I believe I also gain the friendship

of their sibling in heaven who prays for me" 


"It is powerful when I met other siblings.

What drives us to change the world

is the love for our brothers and sisters.

Nothing can conquer that love."


"It's a weight off my shoulders to know that there are other people like me." 


tell us your story.

Thank you for sharing with us!

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